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What to get my weird friend for christmas

View Catalogue. Whats weird and wacky for gifts then? Well somewhat unusual gifts that make you smile, gifts for chocolate lovers, entertaining gifts, gifts for him and presents for her. And lets not forget personalised chocolate gifts for all food lovers.



36 Funny Gifts That Will Get the Biggest Laughs No Matter When You Give Them

Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Life gets better when it gets a little weird, and the same is true for the holidays. You can stand out—in a good way—and have a little fun along the way by gifting a few of these hilariously odd but also really useful products. Love a good deal? Here are the 20 zaniest, most extraordinary products we love as gifts this holiday season. The new big beauty thing? It's snails. But even still, this K-beauty ingredient is all the rage right now because apparently, it works.

There are hundreds of snail slime extract creams and masks out there, but our writer Izzy Kagan swears by this one from LadyKin. It comes in a J-shape hence the name , and the hook of J is used to support your chin and keep your head from falling forward, while the rest provides support for your head to lean against. Another perk to the J-Pillow? It's incredibly soft to the touch, too. Everyone lives on ramen in college, and I don't mean the fancy restaurant kind either. I'm talking the cheap, salty, limp noodle kind that gives you mega heartburn after but you don't care because it's so dang delicious you just can't stop yourself so basically, like that one bad ex.

I have a confession to make, and I'm not proud of it. Turns out, a fabric defuzzer would have solved all those problems and restored those fuzzy, cozy tops to their former snuggly glory, if only I'd known better. Don't let the fashion lover in your life make my mistake—gift them this top-rated fabric defuzzer and I promise you, they'll be grateful if they don't already have one.

Runners are notoriously hard to gift for, and unless it's a Fitbit Charge 3, it's really hard to find something that both supports their goals but also is unique enough that they don't already have it yet on their own. Here's your ace in the hole if you're shopping for a runner: these weird and wonderful shoe lights. It's not the sexiest gift, I'll give you that, but these wacky little guys are designed to fasten easily onto most any footwear and cast a big, bold light in that runner's direction.

They're also convenient for other outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or even walking a dog, so they offer a lot of versatility too.

It might seem hard, but there's a trick to doing it, and this specially-designed hat frame actually helps to make it possible. Originally seen on Shark Tank, this cap washer works on the top-rack of any dishwasher and keeps hats from losing their shape.

It's also safe on flat and curved hats and completely reusable, which means those dirty old hats your husband's been hanging onto since high school and refuses to get rid of? With more than 5, reviews on Amazon, this top-rated detangling brush commands attention.

Instead of separating strands by moving down, it works sideways strange but true! Reviewers say it's gentle and good to use on kids—even the most fidgety ones who absolutely can't stand getting their hair brushed. Know someone who struggles at bedtime to get a good night's sleep? But the one everyone sort of forgets about—that is actually just as effective, if not more so—is a white noise machine. This one by Big Red Rooster has over 10, glowing reviews on Amazon and is one of our favorites.

It offers six different sounds, including rain, ocean, thunder, and more, plus comes with an optional auto-off timer, which your giftee can set for 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals. One of the main reasons most people even go to the movies anymore is the popcorn.

Try as they might at home, it's just not so easy to replicate the taste and perfect delectability of popcorn made right at the cinema. Well, this gift could change that.

Our favorite popcorn popper is great to gift anyone who really wants to skip the stovetop method and still get savory kernels with each batch. At first glance, it might not be clear what this popcorn maker is actually meant for, but our testers say it's easy to use, collapses well, and looks hella cute in bright red. The bigger a family gets, the more laundry there is to do. Pro tip though: these wool dryer balls can help cut down on the drying time and save money, since they're good for up to a thousand loads.

These chemical- and synthetic-free wool dryer balls are gentle on sensitive skin and made from filler-free premium New Zealand wool, plus they're incredible eco-friendly to boot.

Some people are just waiting for true love to stroll through the door and change their lives. Turns out I was just waiting for a PopSocket actually. I cannot begin to stress how much my life changed for the better once I started using one, and I don't even care if it sounds too effusive to be true, because I mean every word. Earplugs aren't just for concerts. They also come with a handy carrying case that can fit right in your palm or pocket, so they're extremely portable too.

It's the eternal struggle: folks with curly hair wish they could wear it straight and those with naturally straight hair wish they could rock it loose and wavy, like they just came home from the beach. The Deep Waver by Bed Head can help transform those super-sleek straight strands into flowy waves, and according to reviewers, does it very quickly.

One reviewer calls it witchcraft. Then boy howdy, is this the thing for you! Paper towels are extremely wasteful and bad for the environment, but they're so ever-present that it can be hard for some to break the addiction to them. These reusable paper towels, which were initially seen on Shark Tank, are made from bamboo and are completely washable and ultra-absorbent.

If you're shopping for someone who really cares about sustainability, these paper towels might not be on their radar yet, but could make an amazing little surprise option for them this holiday season. For anyone who loves to host a good shindig, dip is essential. However, dip bowls can present a bit of challenge, especially if a hostess has more dips than they do bowls.

One thing's for sure, they're definitely a conversation starter. This might be the zaniest gift you ever give, but you know what? This wedding gown underskirt is designed to, well, you get the picture.

Featured on Shark Tank, it can help preserve the dress on the big day, which is crucial, but also help the bride take care of business when needed, too.

While it's a little off-kilter as a gift, chances are this product—which is still building a cult following—hasn't hit the bride's radar yet. You can give her a big surprise, in a good way, and low-key be the hero of her wedding day without even really doing much extra.

Now before you immediately cringe over the thought of cooking bacon in a microwave, allow me make a case for it. Bacon, by default, is savory yet also greasy, which is what makes it so bad for you. It's weird, but more than 1, reviewers swear it really works. Sometimes a little toilet humor is a good thing. Designed to be family friendly even though it's totally freaking gross , it's perfect any time you want to mix things up a little during your next game night and get a few laughs.

Izzy played it recently and says: "While I've played it as a drinking game with friends, I bet kids would love it just as much. For real, this is the one exception where you'll actually enjoy grabbing a turd. Your Mom already has an Instant Pot—get one of these hilariously bizarre presents instead. The J-Pillow looks strange at first, but it's seriously amazing. Help the college student in your life help themselves—and indulge their favorite cheap guilty pleasure.

When baseball caps get soiled, this clever cleaning frame can help them get clean. This sound machine can soothe anyone into a gentle slumber. Get your favorite snack with or without a movie stub. Be still my heart, it's the only smartphone holder that matters.

One of a kind and oh so weird—the Purple pillow in a nutshell. These reusable paper towels are here to change the game. Real friends don't just hold up the dresses—they get this. Less grease means less guilt when you eat a whole batch of this.

28 Weird As Hell Gifts You Can Only Give Your BFF

Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Life gets better when it gets a little weird, and the same is true for the holidays. You can stand out—in a good way—and have a little fun along the way by gifting a few of these hilariously odd but also really useful products. Love a good deal? Here are the 20 zaniest, most extraordinary products we love as gifts this holiday season.

Case in point, have you ever unwrapped a Hello Kitty Chia Pet, zombie nesting doll, or a calendar filled with goats stuck in trees on Christmas morning and wondered where in the world — or galaxy — the person who gave you this gift found it? While we ventured through our favorite shopping destination on the web, we found some perfect presents for the people on your list who tend to stump you.

Looking for some weird gift ideas for all your crazy friends? From creepy masks to unusual novelty mugs , you will find the best gift ideas for the weird and the weirdest. There are lots of weird necklaces and funny accessories for your boyfriends and girlfriends too. Are you seeking out the perfect place for your new puppy or kitten to get some well-deserved rest? Look no further than the Star Wars Sarlacc pit

Weird Gifts

Real Insect Necklace. Get back to nature with some jewelry made out of dead bugs. It takes a special kind of weirdo to rock one of these. Breast Milk Lollipops. Many, many people slaved away making these lollipops under great duress. Phone Conversation Privacy Mask. This is the answer. Snail Secretion Facial Mask. Apparently this stuff really works. Beauty demands sacrifices.

Awesome Gifts For Weird People

Outdoor Voices. At least once a year, you get to thank your best friend for being your own personal saint for the other days of the year. They're the ones you rely upon, confide in, and plague with everything from menu choices to whether or not you should move across the country for this new job. The towels are made from a proprietary fabric called Aquitex that's composed of ultra-fine fibers finer than silk that work to reduce the amount of friction the hair experiences while in its weakest state. Members take a wine palate profile quiz and then choose from the personalized wine suggestions.

Do you have a hard time finding the perfect gift for that special friend in your life? The selection of these gifts will inspire you to find the one that fits your friend like a glove.

Explore our edit of the best unique and unusual Christmas present ideas that your nearest and dearest will love. We have picked out some of the most weird and wonderful unusual Christmas gift ideas — from quirky stocking fillers to bespoke presents. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the barbecuer in your life then elevate their outdoor cooking skills with this gas-fuelled portable pizza oven. More than just a novelty gift, this pizza oven gives the look and taste of authentic Italian pizza.

The Best Unusual Christmas Gifts: 30 Weird and Wonderful Present Ideas

That is, if you do it right. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on the past year and thank your family, friends, and coworkers for sticking by your side through all of its ups and downs. Sentimental gifts that tug at their heartstrings are the obvious way to express your love. But depending on your relationship, funny gifts may actually be just as thoughtful. Give your loved ones the gift of laughter — the best gift, no? Perfect for White Elephant gift exchanges, Yankee Swaps, or your family's Secret Santa exchange, these laugh-until-you-cry gift ideas are wacky, weird, and totally wonderful.

23 Hilarious But PERFECT Gifts For The Weirdos On Your Christmas List

Weird people need gifts too, and this is your spot to find them. Filled with hundreds of unique and unusual gifts for weird people, these strange and odd gifts will surely please the needs of the weird person you're buying them for. A perfect place to find that unique gift that no one really wants, needs, or asked for, this huge list of gifts for weirdos is sure to help you find that special gift for that special person! By default the unusual gifts are sorted by our most popular items, which you can change and sort by price, or date if you like. You can also search the gifts by price range, and even combine another tag from our system to filter the gifts even further to your liking. With each pump of your feet, the fake pony will move forward on the wheels located on. You've seen the socks that turn your feet into chicken feet, but what if you want to turn your feet into other types of animal feet?

Dec 12, - 20 weird but practical gifts people will actually use to the tune of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" again, don't just but could also help solve problems that your friends and family didn't even know they had.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication. Promising review: "Great gift for any corgi lover.

101 Most Unusual, Weird and Whacky Gifts of All-Time


52 unique gifts to give your best friend — all under $100






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