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How can i be a better man to my wife

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Where her immaturity and jealousy stresses you out. Where you question if being a relationship is even something you want. She will be your cheerleader and encourage you to chase after your goals and dreams. She will be your encouragement after bad days and the first one to congratulate you after good days. You will always want to be more and do more, both for her and for yourself.

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Save Your Relationship by Becoming a Better Man

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Where her immaturity and jealousy stresses you out. Where you question if being a relationship is even something you want. She will be your cheerleader and encourage you to chase after your goals and dreams. She will be your encouragement after bad days and the first one to congratulate you after good days. You will always want to be more and do more, both for her and for yourself. Knowing you have the love of the one you love will give you a new outlook on life.

She will accept you as you are, giving you more confidence in yourself. A good woman will teach you about life. She will help you recognize the great things about yourself that she sees, and you may not. To have a good woman be the voice of reason in your daily life, will keep you on the right track.

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I would also put it to you that a good man does the same only providing the male perspective. If one is in a same-sex partnership, the new perspective is simply one of another person having different views.

Whichever way, this is universal advice. It is beautiful, and everything I am holding out for. I personally think that this is the truth. And there are good man out there.

But its a question of maturity, an understanding of what is required in your relationship or marriage and understanding the importance of commitment in everything an individual want. I just wish I never lost my perfect girl I was so immature I regret it everyday. H — i am willing to wager a lot that she did not spend a whole lot of time making YOU feel special. In my opinion, a good partner will be a mirror in which you can see yourself. Sometimes you will judge.

Other times you may love. Of course these things go both ways, my articles typically focus on one gender at a time, as you may notice by reading more — but I do address both equally in different ways. You say: A good woman will support you in all of your ventures. A good woman will make you excited to come home at night. You say: Either way, she will be your reward after all days. A good woman will make you want to be the best version of yourself, just by being present in your life.

Me: B. Not right, not wrong, just different. You say: A good woman will make you excited for each day to begin. Me: To some degree, yes. Knowing you have the love of the one you love puts you in a place of feeling safe and secure. Hopefully that brings excitement as well but again, this is an internal decision each of us make for ourselves.

By implying that your partner has control over your emotions, you are not empowering the individual to have control they have over their own lives. You say: A good woman will never judge you. You say: A good woman will teach you about life. Me: The only woman who should teach a man about life is his mother. Once you are in a relationship, you learn together. You grow together.

Your experience together. It is not the responsibly of one partner only to grow and help the other grow. It is a partnership that experiences the good and the bad and learns from them together. Otherwise, the man should just stay with his mother. You say: A good woman will be honest with you, whether you like it or not. Me: I agree. A good woman will be honest with you, however, the receiver of this honesty may take it as constructive criticism and an open heart or as an attack and become defensive or closed off.

You say: A good woman will open your mind to new things. Me: Twenty five years my parents were married and my mom tried always to do new things and travel and experience things which my father never wanted to do. He was content watching boxing on TV and staying at home. You are not even realistic with this one. You say: A good woman will help you see yourself how she sees you, in your best light.

You say: A good woman will keep you grounded. Me: What one may see as grounded and the voice of reason is completely different from what another would. The goal here is to find a partner in the first place that already shares similar morals, goals and beliefs. Then, you are just there to remind each other of what is important to you as a couple.

Me: This must be the most delusional statement of all. Just consider it your privilege by being able to write an article as beautiful as this due to being in a relationship this beautiful. For example, a good woman would explore new things. That is her task, complete. Whether her male counterpart responds to it as she wishes, has no effect on the fact that she is a GOOD woman who plays her role well, all-round. Another example, you mentioned that constructive criticism could possibly be perceived as an attack.

It signifies everything positive, beneficial, medicinal, heavenly, rewarding. Kudos to James. This is a universal checklist for every woman who seeks to play her role well in a relationship.

Oh, yes, Sana. He was created alone. He wanted Adam to tend to the beasts of the garden, as well as to obey Him, to name the beasts and to watch over the Garden. He then created Eve to be a help unto Adam. Adam did not rule the God out of the equation. His cheerleader, to fulfill the goals and plans that God had initially set for Adam alone.

He did not set them on different missions. We as good women must have God IN us, to steer our men into the designated path and direction. You are absolutely right; a woman, regardless if she is even in a relationship, can be good in the broad meaning you described positive, beneficial, medicinal, heavenly and rewarding. However, regardless of if she makes her man better or more inferior, does not change who she is good or bad.

You cannot control the receiver or his reactions. In reality, we all know that is very far from true. As far as your second paragraph, well, Adam temporarily ruled God out of the equation when he listened to his wife, instead of God. Otherwise, think about it, God would have only cursed woman. He would have let Adam off of the hook, which he did not.

Because even though Adam was influenced by Eve, ultimately, he is responsible for his own actions. If a woman could make her man good or bad, God would have only cursed women. Secondly, not all women must have faith or spirituality in order to steer their men into the designated path and direction. Some strong women can steer their man in a positive or negative direction, only if the man is willing to be steered.

The will is our own to make, whether you are a man or a woman. Just saying. Lol in regards to your last post.. I believe you missed the whole point of this post. In every example you claim to be delusional, you seem to claim that the man just does not listen or want to participate in the relationship. As a woman in love, I agreed to every example James gave of what a good woman is. To be honest, I actually pictured a situation in which each of the examples occured while reading them. The difference between what you are arguing, and what I experience is that the men you describe do not seem to be in love.

Every time I give my significant other advice, it was a discussion we had together and he has always thanked me for it. He consistently tells me that his views on life have changed since meeting me and I feel the same way.

How To Be A Better Man! 10 Life Changing Tips!

What does it take to be a better man in a relationship these days? Is it tons of money, a perfect face structure, a ripped physique, a IQ score, or perhaps an amalgamation of all of these? Well, I would be lying if I say that having at least one of these will not be a bonus. Being a better man is not as difficult or unrealistically demanding as one might think.

May 14 20 Iyar Torah Portion. Ben is sensitive and tries hard to please Miriam, but when there's a problem that needs to be dealt with, he seems oblivious. When she asks for input on a decision, he says, "It's up to you.

For some of you, it was just this morning. If you want to make sure you're doing a great job as a husband, there are some things you'll want to make sure you're doing — all of which will result in a happy marriage. And then ground your marriage in those beliefs, as well. One thing we are good at as men is being confident in our careers. And confident husbands are considered sexy by their wives.

10 Things Every Man Can (And SHOULD!) Do To Have a Better Marriage

Today my wife left us to take a mini-vacation with her Mom and our daughter Figure 1. It is a well-deserved respite after spending six years, nearly single-handedly, raising our latest bundle of joy named Jett. Figure 1 — Toni, Johnnie and Sarah floating somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. I thought Toni was serious when she said she was going to take some time off by going to a Carnival. Little did I realize, that Carnival would last about a week and involve a big ship! I know that there are some men out there that think her job has been easy. If you think being a wife is easy, I strongly encourage you to read this article and the potential series of articles to follow. I was born into a household dominated by female guidance Figure 2. I had a Mom and three older sisters that all took great care of me. In fact, I probably would have had a much different life.

Becoming the Man of Her Dreams

Marriage doesn't come with a manual, but this comes close. I didn't get the "How to be a Husband" manual when I got married The only manual I had was the one I put together watching my mom and dad navigate their relationship. I learned some good practices, and some not-so-good ones, but even with everything I learned by watching, there was a whole lot more that was never taught. So, if I had to boil it all down and pass along some marriage wisdom , the things I would have wanted someone to tell me before I tied the knot, I would pass along these ten nuggets of husband -ness.

Want to start?

This article is not particularly insightful. Nor is it all that authoritative. But one thing I can attest to is that I am always trying to be better for my lady.

54 Small, Nice Ways to Be a Better Husband

Your wife needs you to pursue a relationship with her—not just when you want sex, but as a way of life. What do Sean Connery and Harrison Ford have in common? After all, jumping in the sack with any available warm body just goes with the action-hero territory. They reach for the thrill of sex without paying the price of intimacy.

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Before we move any further and break down the ways to be a better man for her, I am going to just say one thing: This is your first step. Taking ownership, gathering information, and reading content on what you can do to implement this into your life. Love can be difficult for a lot of us as were all faced with many different challenges in life starting from a very early age. My goal in this article is to help you understand how to become a better man for her. I have tried the tips, tools, and strategies in this article with several men and they have proven to be successful. If you feel that you need more one on one attention and guidance, please feel free to comment on this article or reach out to me directly.

30 Ways to Be a Better Husband

And the easiest way to sustain your collective happiness and guarantee that you float over the rockier terrains of matrimony is to take matters into your own hands and be better husband. No, that doesn't mean pampering her at every turn and showering her with extravagant gifts. It means simply being more present, being more thoughtful, and being more supportive about the little things in your daily life. To give you some added help, we've compiled 30 research-backed methods that will instantly elevate your husband game. While it'd be nice to present your darling wife with six-pack abs or a home cooked meal worthy of a Michelin star rating, a University of Virginia study found that wives actually care most about how affectionate and attentive their husbands are.

Jan 17, - Does blaming his wife help Adam avoid responsibility? Someone who can control his anger is better than a physically strong man who can.

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10 Ways to Be a Better Man in a Relationship

How far would you go to save the relationship with the woman you love? That makes sense. After all, without communication a relationship can fall apart quickly. What most of this advice misses is the need for personal growth to make that communication work.

17 Easy Ways To Be A Good Husband For Your Wife Every Single Day




30 Ways to Be a (Much) Better Husband



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