. Cars 3: Bonds of Friendship. Disclaimer: I don't own Cars, You're with us, Sky-girl? Oct 31, - Next >. A/N: I am so sorry you guys! I had been meaning to edit this Story summary: Meet Harley Hudson, the adoptive daughter of the Hudson Hornet. But he quickly resumed staring into the dark blue eyes of the human." />
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Cars fanfiction meet the new human girl

Story Author Community Forum. Bio Fav: Stories. This is my take on the "untold" story of how Doc comes to write the letters to Smokey. Doc has a little heart to heart with Lightning before finally deciding to write to his past crew chief, mentor, and father-figure.

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Sally Carrera

I'm fine, thank you…" Sky answered, confused. She stared at the red car who was talking to her, and grinned. She realized, all of a sudden, that the race-car was staring at her. She blinked back at him. Sky could tell he was being honest. I mean, all the humans disappeared ages ago! Something about a dark storm or something like that… But, you're still here!

How did you do that? Her secret. It's a good name! Hey, we should probably move some place else. I'm not sure what would happen if someone saw me talking to a human. They sponsor me so I can compete in a huge race called Dinoco She had a feeling he would be a nice friend. It already felt as if they was friends. Even though she would've preferred to live in a small town, and settle down with a few friends, things couldn't be better!

Here you should add a short description of the tent, just a sentence, and says that the other cars other cars are inside it. Chick Hicks wantsta win Dinoco ! Hey, who's this? She's well, human. Sky, this is my sponsors Rusty and Dusty. Sky turned red.

She wasn't used to being greeted and welcomed. Ya wanna be in Lightning's team? We could need a lotsa help from other, but no damn car, besides us, wantsta help him! That's okay, she don't need to help me. I can make it myself, than—" started Lightning, but was cut of by Rusty.

You're our star now, and we're gonna need all help we can get to wash that dirty smirk off'a Chick's face! Right, Dusty? You have a dream and we're gonna help you! You're with us, Sky-girl? Of course I'm going to help you guys! I had to do something and I kinda have a dream too. The first competition is tomorrow, so you could help in the pitstop!

Maybe I could stay with Lightning for a while… But not too long. I can sense there's something filled with darkness somewhere…. But, wait… Lightning's heart It-it's filled with pure light!

She was stunned. It well then be captured in the Sphere of Despair! Sky felt her guts twist. If Darkov was looking a pure heart, that's meant Lightning could be in danger. She wasn't going to let that happen. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Cars. Sky is the last surviving human after the apoclypse and she is thrown to a new future of Cars. She meets Lightning McQueen, before his "big break" and befriends him.

But a terrible catastrophe happens, and Sky must trust her heart. For a magic human, what is the true meanings of friendship and can Sky, Lightning and rest of the RS gang defeat Darkov? Please, reviews is welcome! Chapter 1: Awakening Sky was stunned, but reminded herself that she was asked a question.

Have you never seen a human before? Was she really the first human he'd ever seen? An ordinary race-car, and your name is?

Sky turned scarlet. You can count on me, boss! But, um, which number are you, if you don't mid me asking. I can sense there's something filled with darkness somewhere… But, wait… Lightning's heart Darkov, her enemy wanted a pure heart. She had overheard him once Prologue: Fiery Inferno 2.

Awakening 3. Promises 4. Darkov 5. Nightmare and Worry 6. Finn and Holley 7. Tension Returns 8. Sleeping Reunion 9. A Monster and Improvements Belive in Magic Past, Present and Future Dilemmas and Fireworks What To Do Now Resurrecto ut Lucem Stronger than before Be Prepared United We Stand The Other Shoot The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Cars FanFic: What Happens Next Ch 1

I'm home! Maggie Peyton had finally arrived home from school. Maggie carefully made her way up the stairs and into her room. Once she felt around for her bed, Maggie put her backpack on it then slowly walked over to Sammy's cage.

AN --Ok, so this one had been revised, i think it is better than it was the first time round As I pranced through the forest towards a scent that compelled my senses I heard another presence near me, I quickly smelled the air, using me senses to detect if it was a human or something that could cause some trouble, but nothing seemed out of place to me, so against my better nature, I ignored When the Volturi decide to come to Forks to destroy the Cullens, the family search for other vampires to stand with them. Bella is a Cullen and they move into what they think is a haunted house. Jasper lives with his brother by venom Peter on his ranch and Bella lives by herself on a ranch since her parents died when she was only 15 years old.

Story written by nightfuryshadows and I! The King steadied himself into the lower lane of the track as he rounded the turn, his chassis low to the ground as his body tilted from the momentum. Lightning nodded in confirmation and grit his teeth as he pressed his engine hard enough to get side by side with Strip. Chick veered around the second turn of the track now, an angered expression on his face as he saw the racers far ahead.

Twilight fanfiction bella meets the cullens again

Sally Carrera is a fictional character in the Pixar computer animated film Cars. She is voiced by Bonnie Hunt. In the film, Sally owns the Cozy Cone Motel, a newly refurbished tourist court similar in design to the Wigwam Motels but with each individual motel room constructed as an oversized traffic cone. She has cones all around her shop, inside and out; even the lamps, planters and alarm clocks follow the theme. She once was a successful California lawyer but, unhappy, chose to leave the state to settle in the small U. Route 66 town. I was an attorney in LA. And you know what? It never felt happy. So I left California.

Hard Enough Left Epilogue

I'm fine, thank you…" Sky answered, confused. She stared at the red car who was talking to her, and grinned. She realized, all of a sudden, that the race-car was staring at her. She blinked back at him.

Story Author Community Forum.

I had been meaning to edit this story for a while, and then I accidentally deleted it entirely. Such a foolish mistake on my part. I'm reuploading the chapters as I edit them! She was born and raised in Radiator Springs, and knows only a quiet town with quirky residents who love her.

And two cars racing each other. One was a light blue, the other a strong red. One was a famous race car, while the other was an attorney. Quite an unusual combination, but it worked out for these two.

No, it's not three wishes. Read on, and I hope you enjoy this one! Foxy the human woke up to early morning sunlight streaming in her face, a warm, gentle wind begging her to come outside. She blinked sleepily and yawned, stretching like a dog before propping herself up with her hands and looking around. She was in a large dome-shaped structure that had been her home for four years, curled up in a bean bag chair that looked as though it was made for a car, instead of a human.


Fanfiction Romance Short Stories February 28, ends up in Radiator Springs, a small forgotten town suddenly in need of a new road. Cars Meet Planes.








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