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Baby girl names venezuela

If you love all the sounds the letter "A" makes, you'll love baby girl names that start with A. Whether you want short, long, cute, or unique, there's a feminine name out there for your little baby "A. One-syllable names for girls and other names that sound more like nicknames are on trend. The adorable monikers are easy to say, easy to spell, and most are uncommon baby names. If you love the look and sound of long names, these beautiful multi-syllable options might work for you.


SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 160 Spanish Baby Names for GIRLS & How To Pronounce Them

30 old-fashioned Spanish baby names that we still love

Choosing a name for your baby can be really difficult. You can choose a traditional name, a unisex name or go with something completely unique and unheard of! Back in this name was on the Top list on Nameberry landing in at Alicia is the Spanish version of Alice.

Alicia began trending downward after the war while Alice soared to the Top But like all trends, what comes around goes around. We expect this name to make a comeback in One of the reasons this name is so popular for girls is because it has such a sweet, feminine ring to it. The only downfall that parents should be aware of is that it does have numerous phonetic versions, such as Alisha and Alysha.

In Spanish culture, Cruz is a unisex name that can be used for either boys or girls. Celebrities like Victoria and David Beckham used it for their third son, as well as tennis stay Lleyton Hewitt. In it ranked as in popularity. Not only is Diego one of the top Spanish names, it also landed on our list of 35 up and coming baby names for ! You might be surprised to learn this, but Diego is actually the Spanish variation of James. It came so close to making the Top in , but instead ranked at Esmeralda was the name of the Gypsy heroine, Agnes, who was referred to as La Esmeralda after the jewel she wore around her neck.

Celebrities who have also used this name are Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. Francisco is a traditional Spanish and Portuguese name that has long been popular in Latin America. We think this has something to do with the new trend of naming children after places, i. Plus, in addition to it making a great name, the city itself has very hipster vibe to it which is likely another driving force.

Jaime is another unisex name that can be used for both genders. Another extremely popular Spanish name for boys in the US. In addition to being a common choice in Spanish-speaking countries, Javier is well recognized in America, as well.

This may be due to the recent success of the Spanish-born Oscar-nominated director, Javier Bardem. Jimena is a beautiful Spanish name for girls. Similar to its variation, Jose is widely popular among Spanish-speaking parents. This name is so popular it actually cracked the Top back in landing in at 89 overall. Due to its rich history and long standing popularity, this name has a legion of famous bearers from both the past and present.

Juan is a Spanish variation of the name John. Since this name is so traditional, its popularity ranks pretty well at back in You can find this name in pretty much every ethnicity such as Don Juan and San Juan. Lola is such a beautiful, feminine name. This name has been trendy for quite some time and a hot commodity in pop culture.

Shine bright like a…Lucia? It is the Italian and female variation of the name Lucius which is Latin. Lucia ranked pretty well in popularity back in It ranked as and we suspect it will keep moving up on the list and hopefully crack the Top in ! This sweet male name is of Spanish origin and is a variation of the name Emmanuel. Maria is commonly used as a middle or compound first name in Catholic cultures.

Every baby is a gift which makes Mateo the perfect name for a little boy! As you can tell, you can have some fun with the spelling of this name. It can also be spelled Matteo — this is the Italian version.

As well as Matheo, which is commonly used in France. Nameberry suspects this Spanish name to be a hot commodity it Mateo cracked the Top for the first time in and has now become one of the most popular Spanish names for boys in several countries, including the US. Miguel is a Spanish and Portuguese variation of the traditional and highly popular name, Michael.

This name came very close to cracking the Top in , but fell short landing at Rafael is the cutest little boy name! This name has enjoyed steady popularity among Spanish-speaking countries, and in it ranked as in the US. We suspect this name will continue to climb the charts and sneak its way into the hearts of Americans all over the country! This name is currently very popular as it sits comfortably in the Top at When we think of Savannah, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a flat, tropical grassland.

That is the meaning behind this Spanish word. Even though this name is Spanish in origin, it also carries a Southern weight to it thanks to the mossy Georgia city called Savannah. It was once a very obscure name but ever since the release of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, this name shot to stardom. Sofia is the Greek variation of Sophia both are pronounced the same.

It was the name of a Roman saint — the mother of Faith, Hope, and Christianity. Some big shoes to fill! Sonya is the Russian variation of Sofia. This name has been a popular choice for many celebrities including Felicity Huffman and William H. In the US, this name used to rank in the Top 5, but as of it was sitting just outside the Top 10 at Pregnancy Latest in Pregnancy.

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Spanish baby names for girls include several choices familiar to non-Spanish speakers: Maria, Sofia, and Lucia, for instance. And then there are other girls' names, popular in Latin and South America as well as in Spain, largely unused outside Spanish-speaking cultures.. The list of most popular names in Spain includes such girls' names as Vega, Laia, Candela, Aitana, and Jimena, all still very exotic in the English-speaking community.

Mi gente, why does everyone front like giving babies weird names is such a new thing when it's so NOT? It's also not just a celebrity thing — yeah, I'm looking at you Kim and Kanye — or an English-language thing because our antepasados were totes into weird baby names.

The most popular baby names for girls chosen by BabyCenter Hispanic parents are here! Also see our list of the most popular Hispanic baby names for boys in Interested in seeing the most popular girl names from ? Check out our most recent top list of Hispanic baby names. Still, there have been some surprising changes in

Venezuelan Parents Love a Famous Name

Many Venezuelans had a good laugh at the names and went on with their business. He said he learned a bit of calligraphy so he could sign his name in Chinese. Pino, 26, who works in advertising for a beach clothing company. When a Fidel Castro or Mao shows up on the electoral registry, Mr. Pino, a supporter of Mr. Venezuela is not the only country in Latin America, or elsewhere, with a creative approach to first names. Brazil is renowned for its abundance of Washingtons, Robsons and Wellingtons, which take on a musical resonance when pronounced in Portuguese.

60 Unique Baby Girl Names You Will Love

When given long names like these, people usually use shorter nicknames, like Francisco or Luis. The Spanish are also known for using cute nicknames, like Chicharito. Spanish male names come in many variations, from badass to beautiful. Other parts of the country speak different languages e.

Before I became a mother, I was obsessed with languages, and culture. However, at heart, I am a straight-up Latina.

Choosing a name for your baby can be really difficult. You can choose a traditional name, a unisex name or go with something completely unique and unheard of! Back in this name was on the Top list on Nameberry landing in at Alicia is the Spanish version of Alice.

Spanish Baby Names baby names starting with j

These unique Latina names were inspired by everything from patron saints to the Aztecs. When it comes to naming our kids, Latinas have been known to venture beyond the top 10 lists and draw on family history, religion, and their imaginations. Here, some Latina moms explain their unconventional monikers, while others discuss their child's name.

Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not. User list. In the Old Testament he is the second son of Adam and Eve , murdered out of envy by his brother Cain. In England, this name came into use during the Middle Ages, and it was common during the Puritan era.

15 Popular Spanish Boy Names That Aren’t José

Please answer 5 questions about your first name. Your name:. Popular boy names in Venezuela. Popular girl names in Venezuela. Name Categories. Browse names with 3 letters 4 letters 5 letters 6 letters 1 syllable 2 syllables 3 syllables by country by language popular names Popular Boy Names of Popular Girl Names of Show all categories. Anthony or Antony is a given name for men. It originates from a Roman family name 'Antonius'.

The lists below give you the most popular English first names for boys and girls in different countries, both for babies born today and for the entire last century.

As you shortlist names, you might be wondering what the best baby girl names are. Check out this carefully curated list of the most unique baby girl names, as you might find the best name for your little one among these special names. This name is the German, Dutch, and Hungarian form of Bridget, but in this form, it seems to have a more feminine ring to it. If you happen to be having twins, both of these names could work wonderfully as twin girl names.

Latin Baby Names baby names starting with k

Spanish baby girl names list! Our list of top Spanish baby girl names provides a great selection of the most beautiful Spanish baby girl names. If you are looking something more unusual, and less popular, then the list of top Spanish baby girl names also provide traditional but unique ideas. Exotic Spanish baby girl names list from the beautiful country of Spain.

Whether you are trying to choose an English name for yourself to use in English class or you're deciding what to name your characters in a story set in England, picking a good English name is important. For non-native English speakers, it's best to stick with the classic names. More unusual names are trickier to choose, and may end up attracting unwanted attention. The lists below give you the most popular English first names for boys and girls in different countries, both for babies born today and for the entire last century.





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