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Vintage style mens pants pattern

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Could you imagine that all you need to make a pair of trousers of your dreams is a pair you already have and… some creativity? Play around with different materials to convey different styles. The better the fit of the trousers you pick at this stage, the easier it will be to make the new pair. I also added darts both on the front and the back of my trousers. The pant I used for drafting were slim-fit, so I extended the legs by adding 5 cm on each side and then connecting it to the top of the trousers.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: A capsule wardrobe for men // Vintage Style // Autumn/Winter



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If this is part of your new ideals of sewing vintage clothes that really suit your personality and style - BRAVA, it's working!! Thank you! Yes, it's part of the menswear vibe I like so much :- I honestly didn't expect the trousers to turn out, but I'm so happy with them!

They are just sooo much cuter and sexier than the ones on the modern model! Leave a little,something to the imagination! Can't wait to see what jacket you try maybe a leather trimmed bomber? I was born in the wrong decade, I guess.

I really like the look of the pants you made. Make some! We're in a wonderful time where we can wear this stuff and not be outcasts. Come with me on the journey of totally rejecting modern-made pants! Trousers for women were not popular in the u. Only for factory work. If you wore them for going out you were considered not very respectable. I know, cos I was there!

Even through the s, trousers were ironed with creases in them. My aunt used to iron creases into her jeans. In the s, jeans didn't have creases, but khakis and other pants did. A lot more clothes needed ironing, too. I still see creases ironed into dress pants, particularly men's, these days, so it's not completely dead. Nobody irons creases into jeans anymore, but my husband tells me his mother used to iron those creases into his jeans when he was a kid in the '70s, lol! I really need to get into making pants.

I'm pear-shaped and basically cannot wear off-the-rack pants at all. Off the rack pants are more trouble that they're worth. I have fairly straight hips and I can't get modern women's pants to fit well either! They rely on the stretchiness in the fabric rather than good fit The fabric you used looks so nice!

The pants themselves look great too of course. Any problems with chub rub at the crotch? When I wear britches with a low crotch it either hits right at my chub rub or doesn't protect it from self-rub. I have had some rubbing on lower-crotched jeans, from the thickness and coarseness of the fabric, but I haven't experienced it on the softer fabric pants. My comment got eaten, so I apologise if it appears twice. I love these. I love your version even more than the vintage pattern cover, and that's rare ; I'd love to make a pair, and have discovered the same about revival patterns, the crotch is just too high.

Do you have any leads for this of us who can't find a genuine vintage? Yes, try Eva Dress. I don't recommend Reconstructing History. They have a reputation for being untested and weirdly sized. Eva Dress patterns are re-prints, but done directly from original patterns. Do you think lining the pants to the knee might alleviate "chub-rub"? She loved 'em! They look great Thank you so much for this!

I have felt concerns relating to this, since I really want to have 'vintage' pants I made a pair from Wearing History, modifying it slightly to have pockets and buttons on the sides, and so that it fit me better , and was annoyed how it's impossible to find good higher-waisted pants these days, as well as for me ones that allow enough room in the crotch.

I compensate for a short waist with a 'long' crotch. I also wanted to have accurate pants that weren't so baggy, since it looks funny with anything that isn't tucked in. I have yet to make blouses. Great to know that that pattern works! I've seen it around the internet quite a bit, and maybe I should get it Such a great post and I love all the photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you for sharing excellent information. Your website is very cool. Fully useful your blog post Women's Clothes. Nice work! However, I have read that front zippers were not used by women since they were considered vulgar. Zippers were placed at one side. But I have indeed found old images of women wearing trousers w zippers at the front.

I am trying to make my own pair or, in planning phase and I have no clue what to choose. Any advice? I think if women wore trousers with a zip in the s they were wearing mens'trousers. It was consdidered very vulgar! With the severe clothes shortage, we wore anything we could find. Sunday, March 13, Email This BlogThis!

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Bertilson March 22, at PM. Linda April 12, at PM. Bhavesh Kavad June 27, at AM. Em July 12, at AM. Subscribe to The American Duchess Newsletter:. Popular Posts. Hi gals! We've been alerted to a flaw in the s cap pattern from "The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking, " If you've been into historical costuming for any amount of time, you will be familiar with many a book featuring gridded or scaled sew A beautiful printed cotton gown, The Met.

A very condensed version of this essay, without pictures, appears in The American Duc The famous Isabella MacTavish Fraser wedding gown c. Photo by Ewen Weatherspoon. Costume Blogs of Win:.

The Hair Hall of Fame. Pour la Victoire.

Vintage Style Mens Trousers

If this is part of your new ideals of sewing vintage clothes that really suit your personality and style - BRAVA, it's working!! Thank you! Yes, it's part of the menswear vibe I like so much :- I honestly didn't expect the trousers to turn out, but I'm so happy with them! They are just sooo much cuter and sexier than the ones on the modern model!

Navy Blue Windowpane Mens Pants. Retro Style Khaki Linen Pants. Retro Style Black Linen Pants.

Vintage sewing patterns are valuable to anyone who loves to make their own outfit. With the recurring fashion trend, having vintage sewing patterns handy allows you trendy sewing projects any time. Check out this collection of vintage sewing patterns and create a whole line of classic and fabulous pieces for yourself! Gone are the days of layered fabric and heavy petticoats. It has two sleeve variations: long sleeve and sleeveless.

DIY Vintage High-Waisted Pants

Rusty Zipper is open - it's just me in the warehouse read more. Shorts are in two len Shirt has wing collar front neck opening ven The shirt secured in front with buttons or hammer on snap fasteners has a shoulder yoke outlined with piping and top Shirt has raglan sleeves. Pointed ends of collar may button to shirt. V1 and 2 have longsleeves. V3 has s Full length sleeves with buttons cuff.

53 Vintage Sewing Patterns From 1920s Through 1980s

High-waisted, wide leg pants, vests, shirts, underwear, pajamas, suits, and knickers are all found here. We also found a few knitting patterns for vintage sweaters. For fabrics try bblackandsons. Mens Shirt

We offer a variety of styles and fabrics for the discerning gentleman, whether he's of noble birth or a farm hand. A gentleman would be most comfortable in our 19th century dress trousers , while an every day working man can still look stylish in our vintage work pants.

Authentic vintage sewing patterns : This is a fabulous original dress making pattern, not a copy. Because the sewing patterns are vintage and pre owned, we check each vintage sewing pattern for completeness, for the pattern pieces and the instruction sheet. Please keep in mind these are vintage patterns that may show their age not perfect in appearance but still very usable.

DIY Vintage High-Waisted Pants

Patterns from Va-Voom Vintage. Please note: Some of these patterns were posted ages ago and the blogs have since been shut down or taken over by someone else using the old domain. The patterns are still available through Pinterest or the Wayback Machine internet archive.


Men’s Vintage Reproduction Sewing Patterns


Folkwear creates sewing patterns to create beautiful folk and historic clothing, from dozens of countries and across hundreds of years.








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